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data science and project management consulting

my professional history

My name is Mario De Toma, I’m the author of this blog and I help businesses, organizations, researchers, journalists and people to get out the most from proprietary and open data.

I hold a master degree in engineering achieved at “Politecnico di Milano” University and professional certificates such as PMP for project management and Data Science Professional issued by HarvardX.

I grew a deep experience in IT business managing projects and services and people for about 20 years working for big corporations.

Lately after being manager of project managers at one big US IT corporation in Milan area, Italy, I started a data science and project management independent consulting activity.

data science consulting

Data science consulting is about linking business managers that cannot fully harness the power of data analysis with data & analytics professionals that hardly understand all of business objectives.

Data science consulting is supporting businesses and people in decision making through a data-driven approach.

See the following word cloud constructed from more than 30 web pages of consulting firms selling data science services

Too many words ?!

Yes, I do believe so. Data science is an operational concept with deep math and statistics theories behind but it is practical and based on computation in its proceedings and outcomes.

my consulting services

My approach is agile and operational, I provide added value to my clients by:

  • executing data science projects;

  • training and tutoring in data science with R;

  • managing projects.

data science projects

As a professional data scientist I can support clients in answering their relevant questions through data analysis, predictive modeling and forecasting.

The data science process is roughly outlined in this process flow.

The diagram doesn’t fully capture the iterative nature of data science process but it clarifies the main steps.

The technology stack used in data handling, analysis and modeling is based on R and its gorgeous ecosystem but when needed keras for deep learning and spark for big data can be used.

Projects consulting agreement shall include:

  • identification of at least 2 single point of contact:

    • the responsible for customer business question;

    • the owner of customer data;

  • data management plan sign off;

  • definition of a minimum number of workshops and revisions.

data science with R training

A data-driven business is based on a data-driven culture which in turn needs a language to establish itself.

is the language for data science.

As a practical data science trainer, I teach data science along with R. After eliciting the organization objectives, I agree a learning path with the organization.

Training sessions are conducted:

  • by explaining the concepts of programming for data science,

  • by performing sessions of “live programming” or “coupled programming” when possible,

  • and by pointing out the right resources to deepen the understanding of the subject.

Training materials can be developed and published on customer web site.

project management

As a project manager I can help companies reaching expected results from initiatives in data science when there’s need for:

  • serious project management also in research context;

  • advisory independence from product vendors and service providers.


For any data science and project management consulting inquiries or for an in depth presentation of the services please drop me an email or schedule time with me!

Thanks for your consideration!

Mario De Toma